People of all ages, from teenagers to senior citizens, from all walks of life, attend classes at the Yoga Center of Fresno.

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The Yoga Center of Fresno

Yoga and Our Three Natures

When you practice yoga, you are able to live through stressful times without becoming stressed. Because The Yoga Center of Fresno's main goal is for you to experience mental and physical relaxation, we teach the postures in the proper way to release stress stored in muscles while shaping the body.

To some yoga is just another exercise program where well-shaped buns are the only goal. Pictures in magazines and other publications emphasize difficult yoga postures as the goal. Yoga sessions are performed like a gymnastics contest to determine the best yogi. This all has changed the public's perception of the true purpose and meaning of yoga. This is in part the great difference between modern yoga and The Yoga Center of Fresno's Yoga of the Old Masters.

Yoga means union of body, mind and spirit. This union is brought about by conscientious care of the body, breath control and developing a good mental attitude. Centuries ago, the purpose of yoga was to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Many Western yoga styles do not promote the balancing of our three natures. When yoga is practiced correctly it will help you develop your physical, mental and spiritual natures. When they are in natural balance, you will live a healthy and contented life.

At the Yoga Center of Fresno, yoga postures relax tense muscles as they also shape the body. Breath is coordinated with slow movements to slow the pulse of the brain. With this accomplished, at the end of a session, during our deep relaxation phase, you will experience complete mental relaxation.

Relieve and Prevent Stress

Our inability to handle stress can cause more physical and mental illness than any other factor in our lives. The Yoga Center of Fresno believes calming the mind and physical relaxation are the major benefits to be received in a yoga session. Near the end of each Yoga Center session, the body and the mind are properly prepared by removing stored stress from the muscles and lowered brain waves to the Alpha range; we go into a guided, non-religious, deep relaxation.

For this important body and mind preparation we use breath control while moving slowly into yoga postures. We hold the postures for a specific time. Rest periods of equal length then follow. It is during these rest periods that stores stress is released from the muscles. Nerves and muscle tissue are rebuilt and fat is burned. This results from increased supply of oxygen charged blood flowing throughout the areas targeted by the postures.

This slow method of practice, drawn from ancient yoga practices, is the opposite of our fast-paced lifestyle and many Western yoga sessions. Although harder to accept, it is exactly what is needed to offset the stress of our everyday life.

The Yoga Center of Fresno, California State University, Fresno and Fresno City College are among the hundreds of schools and centers who, for more than 20 years, have taught this method of yoga.

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